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Information Warranty policy


Information Warranty policy

Tan Ky Company (Newtec): Commit to warranty the product for 12 months from the date of delivery.

- Warranty process:

Receive products
Product hygiene, test to determine errors
Replace new components
Test operation according to manufacturer's quality standards.
Return products warranty for customers & instructions to overcome.
- Warranty principle:

• All products are in the warranty period, meet warranty conditions and due to manufacturer's technical errors, will be warranted for renewal or repair - replacement of new components completely free of charge.
• When the product is warranted in an innovative form, the warranty period is calculated according to the remaining warranty period of the replaced product.
• Applicable to all products.

- Warranty conditions :

Warranty applies to products that are within the warranty period and meet all of the following conditions:
• Failures and problems caused by the manufacturer's technical errors.
• The serial number of the product and the serial number of all internal circuit boards are intact, not shaved / modified.
• The product must be intact, free from falling, broken, distorted, warped, moldy, penetrated by chemicals / liquids or insects.
• The product is not tampered with, changes the internal structure by any individual or unit that is not under warranty of Tan Ky.
• The warranty period is calculated from the time of delivery (indicated on the invoice / delivery note). In case, if the warranty falls into the remaining warranty period of the product <1 month, Tan Ky will guarantee that product with a rounding time of 1 month from the date of delivery of the warranty.
Products are not covered under warranty conditions:
• The product has been modified or lost the main series number and the serial number of the internal circuit board.
• The product has a limited warranty but improper use of the manufacturer's technical manual causes damage or the repair or alteration of the internal structure.
• Errors caused by use are not in accordance with the manufacturer's specified specifications (wrong voltage, power, wrong connection ...). Products that fail due to user error are not caused by the manufacturer's fault.
• Products and accessories have limited warranty but are damaged by the impact of mechanical force or shattering causing deformation. The product is damaged by moisture, corrosive chemicals, rust, liquid, or being invaded by animals or insects. Equipment, products damaged by natural disasters, fires, short-circuited explosions outside the product.
• The product cannot identify the origin in the New Technology system in Vietnam. Devices with series numbers do not match the series numbers in the original voucher system such as delivery notes, warranty cards, or ex-warehousing data of the Tan Ky system.

- Regulations on changing and returning:

Policies for barter policy only apply to orders due to the case of both buyers and sellers having wrong codes in the order processing process, or customers ordering wrong capacity compared to their capacity. actual use bridge. Products purchased from Tan Ky's distribution system can only be exchanged within 15 days from the date of delivery (according to delivery notes). Products when returning must be intact, original packaging, unused, not scratched, full of accessories, documents and packaging.

- How to guarantee:
• All products will be warranted at the Tan Ky warranty service center (based in Q. Go vap). Warranty products can be sent directly to warranty service centers or sent to any of Tan Ky's distributors and agents.
• You can choose warranty on site (free of charge and materials), in this case please pay for transportation and accommodation / accommodation fees of Tan Tan engineer.

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